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Raptor vs .50 Cal: The Coffee Grinder

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The Breakdown is usually where Richard Ryan takes fans’ favorite parts of movies and video games and show how they would look in real life. This episode is sponsored by Sniper Arena, a game where contestants enter the arena to compete with more than five hundred thousand players from around the world. Sniper Arena is a free to play game available on iOS and Android where you play sniper versus sniper live.

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Before explaining the experiment, Ryan tests three different calibers on watermelons and soft gel: .308, .338 Lapua, and .50 BMG. He uses three rifles to fire the more popular rounds you’ll find in Sniper Arena. For the .308, he uses the IWI Galil with an Acog on it, which uses the same caliber as the PSG1, SR-25, L42A1, and so on. For the .338, he uses the IWI DAN Tactical Precision with US optics glass mounted on it. And for the .50 BMG, he used the Barrett M107A1, the brother to the M82A1, and the same round fired from the AS50.

In Sniper Arena, you get to choose from different kinds of rifle systems, so if you want to determine which round or rifle is more effective for you, the .338 Lapua is arguably one of the most effective rounds for soft targets at a distance. However, Ryan’s goal for this video isn’t to shoot soft targets, so in the end, he decides to shoot with the .50 BMG.

He uses some Freedom Munitions armor piercing incendiary and armor piercing incendiary tracing rounds. The challenge is to shoot through a Ford Raptor windshield to blow up a bag of coffee sitting on the backseat out of the car’s back window, while doing as minimal damage as possible.

Aside from the wrecked windshield, some holes in a safety belt and the backseat, and a chip in the tailgate, there was no other damage to Ford Raptor. So ultimately, the experiment was a success.

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