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This Round is Wayyyy Different

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This video by DemolitionRanch is about the FN Five-seveN w/ the FDE frame. Matt compared it to the 1911, which is usually skinnier, and a standard composition pistol — which are basically the same as the Five-seveN. The 1911 has a single stack magazine and the standard has a double stack magazine. The Five-seveN magazine is about the same size as the double stack, but bigger than the 1911. Lying on its side, it is way bigger than the double stack. One might think that it shoots a way bigger bullet, but it doesn’t. Compared to the 9mms 115g, the Five-seveN bullet looks like a little missile, like a tiny little 5.56 round or like an AR-15 round, and it’s only 40g.

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Why would you want something that’s 1/3 the weight? Because it goes way faster. 9mms fly at over 1000ft/s and the 40g goes at over 2000ft/s. It’s one-third the weight, but it’s twice the velocity. The benefit is that it’s extremely flat shooting, just like an AR-15. That’s a benefit that ARs have over AK-47s: they can shoot a smaller bullet way faster. Another benefit for having a skinnier round is magazine capacity. The Five-seveN holds 20 rounds, compared to the old 1911’s 17 or 18 rounds and newer pistols’ 16 to 18 rounds. Plus 30 rounds in extension makes the Five-seveN pretty high capacity for just a handgun.

First, Matt tested the guns on water jugs. The .45 ACP did not disturb the water bottle that much; the bullet went straight through. The 9mm went faster, but it’s a lighter bullet, so it made a little more mess. There’s a lot bigger mess with the Five-seveN; the bullet entered through a small hole but blasted out the back of the water jug, so the high velocity gives it a bigger impact.

Matt also tried the experiment on dry ice. The 9mm made a bigger plume of smoke than the Five-seveN. To make up for it, his final shot was with armor-piercing incendiary using a BMG. The result was explosive.

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