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SF Air Force 1 vs 50 cal

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Richard Ryan of FullMag pits a shoe versus a 50 caliber bullet in this episode. The SF Air Force 1 was a basketball shoe introduced in 1982 – it is described as having redefined the sport’s footwear from the hardwood to the blacktop. The SF AF-1 was the first basketball sneaker to house Nike Air, and remains a classic street icon until today.

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The SF AF-1 of today is military-inspired in design for urban utility purposes, and this particular one comes in an army green color. It has a ballistic nylon upper with full-grain leather overlays for maximum durability, and dual ankle straps that can be removed. There is a hidden pocket under the tongue that can be used to store small items, such as passports, and it comes with a military-inspired carry bag that has removable straps.

Richard unboxes the shoes and shows some stills of the sneakers. He holds them up while outdoors, saying he doesn’t normally shoot shoes, so he’s not sure how to do this. But he can try to go for the heel and see if he can blow up the shoe, or he can fill the shoes with coffee using incendiary rounds. He also remarks that he’s never paid so much for tennis shoes before.

He sets one of the shoes on the Nike box, on top of a stump, and fires using a Barrett M107A1. In typical FullMag fashion, the slow motion video shows the bullet leaving the gun, hitting the heel of the shoes and coming out the front laces. There are no massive explosions, but there is a hole in the heel of the sneaker.

Richard says it’s very anti-climactic, so he fires an incendiary round at the heel, which causes the shoe to fly off the box. In slow motion, the bullet can be seen going straight through the sole of the shoe, exploding out the toe in a burst of debris, sending the shoe – and the coffee inside it – flying off.


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