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Shooting Through The Bearing Of A Fidget Spinner – Trick Shot – Slow Motion

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22plinkster is at it again with the fidget spinners. After completing a trick shot of splitting a playing card spinning on one of these toys, he’s now going to try to shoot through the bearing of one in this video. That was one of his most difficult shots, and from it, viewers requested for him to try this new trick.

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A fidget spinner has three “arms” that rotate when spun, each of which has a small hole. He will try to shoot a .22 bullet so that it goes through the bearing. It’s a one in a million shot, he says. What he’ll do is to glue an aspirin on the back of the fidget spinner, so that if he sees a white cloud of smoke, he’ll be able to tell that he did hit the target.

He admits that this is going to be a tough shot, even without the fidget spinner actually moving.

He sets the fidget spinner up downrange on a piece of wood, aims and fires. Of course, he hits it and there is a small puff of white from the aspirin getting smashed. Shown in slow motion, the bullet hits the aspirin, exploding behind the toy. The fidget spinner remains intact, though a piece of the bearing appears to fly off.

There is a note at the end of the video, where he inspects the footage. He thought he hit the fidget spinner, but he actually hit the aspirin right on the mark, so there was not a scratch or a dent on the toy – a really impressive feat, but unsurprising for 22plinkster’s sharp-shooting skills.

He says if anyone else has suggestions regarding trick shots on a fidget spinner, to put it in the comments section.

Fidget spinners have become quite the rage, with thousands selling like hotcakes to children and adults alike – they’ve become ubiquitous, especially on YouTube.

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