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Shooting A Fidget Spinner! – A New Way To Spin | Trick Shot

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Kirsten takes on the challenge of shooting a fidget spinner while it’s moving. She says this is probably the fastest fidget spinner ever, and she uses her 22 Volquartsen from about 25 yards offhand, with winds of 15mph.

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Fidget spinners appear to be the rage right now – these are small toys with three round panels on them that people spin with their fingers, ostensibly so that they have something to do when bored, hence the name “fidget spinner.” So instead of using her hand, Kirsten says she’ll try a new way of spinning the toy, using a gun.

The thing with this shot is that she has a very small margin of error, she says. The margin of error is about as wide as a 22 bullet, because if she nicks the fidget spinner on the outside, it won’t spin correctly. If she nicks it on the inside, the toy will get ruined. So she has to place her shot dead center on one of the three panels, right on the edge, in order to get the fidget spinner to spin as it should, without smashing it.

The fidget spinner is placed on a beam with a nail to hold it in place. She aims and fires, and makes the shot perfectly – the fidget spinner actually spins in place on the nail when the bullet hits it, as if a puff of air sent it moving. The shot is shown in slow motion, and viewers can see the moment the bullet hits the toy. Kirsten goes to check it out.

The fidget spinner keeps spinning, and Kirsten stops it to show where the bullet nicked the toy – it hit exactly where she wanted. The bullet only made a small dent on the outer edge, which she found surprising, and hardly damaged the fidget spinner, so she can still use it.

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