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Shooting a Gun From Your Pocket: Does it Work?

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James from TFB TV tries to prove a long-held theory here, by conducting an experiment: does the tactic of shooting a gun through your pocket ever effective? In the video’s caption, it says that one of the recurring myths regarding the benefits of a revolver is that you can cut down on the time needed to draw your weapon, and simply fire from concealment. In other words, you stick a hand in your pocket and blow a hole through your clothes, hopefully aimed at the target.

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James wonders if this works, or if you’ll just end up ruining a good coat. Wearing a velvet blazer, he drops a copper-washed Ruger LCRx in the pocket to check if it’s possible to shoot a cylinder full of rounds at a mock robber. He also tries firing a KelTec P3AT, for the sake of comparison.

With regards to the blazer, James says he went to a bar a few years ago. They had a coat check, and he checked his jacket, and came out with this one instead. So he’ll be using it in this mythbuster-style video instead, focusing on pocket carrying.

This would not be possible with a semi-automatic or an automatic handgun, as there are more things that could go wrong – the slide could catch on the fabric, etc. Regarding the copper-wash revolver, he says it’s a long story. The one hook here is that it as a regular hammer, so he’ll see if that makes a difference.

James fires the LCRx first, saying that it doesn’t feel comfortable and he’s a bit worried about the jacket catching on fire. He puts a hand in the pocket and fires several shots. In slow motion, the bullets can be seen making holes in the pocket and blowing bits of fabric out. At the end, the pocket is ruined, but the shots have all hit the target, so it works.

He shoots the KelTec, and only gets one round out before the gun jams. He tries again, and the gun jams again, and the same a third time. But when he tries the gun out of the pocket, it fires just fine.


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