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I Shot My Truck with a Tank…

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In perhaps one of Matt’s most ridiculously crazy experiments to date, Demolition Ranch presents an episode where they use a tank to crush Matt’s old truck, sponsored by World of Tanks.

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The video starts with a brief intro of Matt riding a tank. He then shows his truck, which viewers know has had to be “put down” for quite a while now. There are plenty of problems with it, as it is 17 years old and is not reliable anymore. It’s not worth selling, either, so he has been looking for an epic way to send the truck off.

They’re on a field, and the truck is positioned around 150 yards away. In the meantime, Matt plays with what looks like a wheelchair placed on tank tracks. He tries going inside the tank, and notes that he never realized how tight it can get inside, and how difficult it is to move around. Everything is sharp and hard inside, so he has to be careful not to get himself hurt.

He says he’s never touched a tank before today. He shows the wicked-looking plows on it, used to dig for land mines. There are several tanks inside the garage, and all the guns and cannons are functional, which gets him so excited.

A tank drives out, and he gets a quick demo on how to drive it. He starts driving the tank. They will be firing solid steel shells at the engine of the truck, not explosive ones, but they are armor-piercing. He shows the giant projectile they’ll be using, which weighs around 15 pounds.

Matt fires using a remote panel, and the tank blasts the projectile into his truck. Slow motion capture shows the round going a bit high, through the windshield of the truck and out the rear. A camera somewhere in the truck was almost damaged, and close-up inspection shows the damage to the interior roof.

They try hitting the engine block in the second shot. On inspection, it hits the truck, sending debris flying. It went straight through the bumper and into the engine, smashing the transmission. They proceed to break the windows.

The last thing they do is drive the tank over the truck, effectively flattening it and crushing it like a tin can. The tires didn’t blow, surprisingly. They run over it one more time, showing top and side views. Matt walks over the entire thing, and says he wants to destroy it completely.

So they put C4 in his truck, which he’s never done, and they blow it up. Parts fly everywhere, knocking his camera over. A word to GMC – none of the airbags deployed during the whole experiment, Matt says.

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