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Straight Down The Barrel

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In this episode of Demolition Ranch, Matt starts off by picking up a flashlight, two knives and a couple of guns as he “takes a walk” through the woods. He ends up hanging upside down in a trap.

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He says for the longest time, he says, people have been asking him to shoot a bullet from the barrel of a gun down another gun’s barrel just to see what happens. He’s never had a gun he wanted to destroy that way, even if he has had some cheap guns.

But then, he picked up a Hi-Point really cheaply, and he hates this gun so much that he decided it would make the best subject for this specific experiment. Despite his torture test in the previous episode, this particular gun would not get damaged. He has to keep it in his gun safe because it still works, which makes him angry. So he’s going to kill it once and for all.

The Hi-Point is a .40 caliber so he needs something smaller and faster, like a .357 Magnum out of a Smith & Wesson revolver. The revolver is brand-new, and he does some test shots to check on how powerful the rounds are. While he’s at it, a deer hangs around for a bit (which he shoos off).

Matt takes some thick planks, sandwiches the guns together between them with screws, and puts a cinder block on top of them. He’ll be hiding on the other side of his truck for safety, with a piece of string attached to the trigger. He tugs on the string and there’s a boom.

In slow motion, the planks can be seen jumping back at the shot, the revolvers barrel looks good, and the round bent the slide and the sight post, but the Hi-Point still works. He tries again, and this time, the shot hits the barrel and goes into the chamber. The slide doesn’t work anymore, and the gun is really damaged – Matt shows where lead is stuck inside the barrel and how lead bits are falling off. The gun’s toast, as last.

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