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How Strong is a Solid Block of LEAD?

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Matt decides to check out how a solid block of lead will hold up against bullets in this episode of Demolition Ranch. The Backyard Scientist sent him a block of lead a year ago. As everyone knows, bullets are made of lead and solid lead is pretty soft, but very heavy. So he says it will be interesting to see what happens if he shoots it.

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To demonstrate how heavy the block is, he drops it onto a cinder block, and the cinder block smashes on impact. When he shot a block of aluminum, there was plenty of ricochet, so he’ll be wearing eye protection to be sure.

He starts with a 22LR, and hits the bottom edge of the block, where the bullet makes a hole way deeper than he expected. Then he uses a 9mm, which mushrooms in and embeds itself in the lead block. He goes for a 9mm hollow point, solid copper bullet, which buries in the block, but without the mushrooming effect of the previous bullet.

Then it’s the .45 ACP, which also embeds in the block, making a bigger hole but with the same mushroom effect. On to the 500 Magnum, which has much more power than the .45 ACP. He fires, and the bullet blasted a corner clear off the lead block. He shoots one more (he hates the gun because it hurts his hand), and the shot broke his sawhorse, shearing off the bottom corner of the block.

It’s on to the big guns, and the depth of the 550 is shallower than the 500 Magnum hole. He goes to the 556, which makes a pretty deep but narrower hole. Then it’s the 308, which he fires from the back of his truck, which goes way into the block. The slower moving bullets squeezed out the lead bullets, but the faster ones made narrower holes, tearing off the jackets.

His last shot is the 50BMG, and it knocked the block over. The hole went in around five inches deep, with the bullet embedded inside.

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