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Trick Shooting with TheChive!

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22plinkster is back doing his famous trick shots. In this video, he says TheChive gave him a call because they needed a trick shooter, so he obliged them and went down to Texas to work with them.

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His first trick is the “thin slice,” which is shooting at and splitting a playing card neatly in half, crosswise, from a distance of 10 yards. He does the trick with a few cards, cutting them every time. He then proceeds to do the same, this time backwards – as in with his back turned away from the playing card. He shoots the gun over his shoulder while holding up a mirror, and again, slices the playing cards neatly in half with a bullet.

Next is “Aim Small, Miss Small.” 22plinkster shoots a tiny rubber duckie sitting on top of an egg on a plastic stand at 15 yards away. He hits the duck squarely, so they put an even tinier plastic toy ostrich on top of the egg on the stand. He shoots that off, as well. Then they place a flat, white pill (as in a medicine tablet) on the egg. He makes the incredible shot, blowing the pill off without damaging the stand. Then to prove that it really was an egg, 22plinkster shoots that too, sending it splattering.

For “Lights Out,” there’s a lightbulb on a stand. They place a tiny purple jewel thing on top of it, and he shoots it off, no problem. Then they place a rubber duckie on the lightbulb, and 22plinkster turns his gun upside down to shoot. Needless to say, he makes the shot easily. Then he shoots the lightbulb.

The next is “Swaying Objects,” where a container filled with glitter is placed on a string at 10 yards away. The string swings, and he shoots it. A bottle of nail polish goes swinging next, which he also hits, followed by a metal ring.

In “Bending a Bullet,” a balloon is tied to a stand, and air is blown to make it wave. There’s a PVC pipe where the bullet must go through before hitting the balloon. And 22plinkster makes the shot, sending a bullet through the pipe to blow up the balloon. In the last bit, they blow stuff up.

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