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Trick Shots – Balancing on a Shaky Tree – Are You This Adaptable?

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Kirsten Joy Weiss does some neat trick shots in this segment of the Fun, Challenge, and Joy of Shooting. Here, Kirsten says adaptability and flexibility are important skills when it comes to shooting, not to mention good balance.

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To illustrate her point, Kirsten is going to shoot on a fallen log she found in the woods, using a Volquartsen Scorpion 22 LR Pistol. The log is angled, rounded and completely uneven. She’s going to balance on this and the target for today is an egg – mainly because she likes how it explodes.

The shots zoom in on the woods and on the gun, then on Kirsten as she climbs on the log barefoot. Adaptability is important, not just in shooting but in life. Those who can adapt can overcome obstacles and can achieve their goals. A lot of times, shooters will train in a very controlled environment, and while that’s important in order to get the basics down, it’s not realistic.

We need to be able to adapt in shooting, just like in life. Keep challenging yourself. This is why although she came from an Olympic background where they made sure that every piece of the puzzle was perfect, she wanted to make sure to train very hard in other environments. Where she comes from, she says, it was more of a pampered environment, so she wanted to get out there.

Adaptability is also the crux of being a performance and trick shooter, which she needs and does on her show. She’s in the woods because there are all sorts of surprises out there. She balances and begins firing, hitting the egg from a good distance away. She says it’s pretty crazy being up on the log, and takes things a notch higher by balancing on the log on one leg, then firing. She almost loses her balance with the recoil, but hits the target on the first shot, and drives her point home.


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