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Trick Shots: Wheelchair Edition

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In this video, 22plinkster proves once again that he is a master at trick shots. Here, he is in a wheelchair – but with good reason. Those who follow him on social media would know that he recently had knee surgery. He explains that he hurt his knee back in November, but kept putting off getting it checked. When it wasn’t getting any better, he finally had it operated on.

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So, he says, when life gives you lemons, make lemonades. He’s going to do some trick shots instead from the wheelchair, some of which he’s never seen others do before.

He starts with the Smith & Wesson Victory, and a playing card at 50 feet away. He’s going to try to split the card with a bullet while on the roll – meaning, while the wheelchair is moving. He gets lined up with the card, pushes the wheelchair forward and fires, successfully splitting the card.

For something a little more difficult, he tries moving perpendicular to the card, from left to right, while firing. He has around a tenth of a second to split the card. He rolls the chair, and makes the shot – though he admits it took him a few tries.

Then he says he’ll try something Annie Oakley couldn’t pull off – shooting a can of snow. He set it at 100 yards behind him and will use a mirror to make the shot. There is no magnification, just a red dot. He aims over his shoulder (while seated in the wheelchair), uses the mirror to aim and fires. He hits the can on what looks like his first try.

For his most difficult trick shot, he’s going to try to pop a wheelie, hold the pistol one-handed and while balancing, split a playing card from 20 feet away. Balance is very important to make this shot. He balances his chair, aims with one hand and fires. He misses the first two, but makes it on the third shot. He hobbles over to the card to show the viewers that it is split, saying this is the first ever wheelchair wheelie playing card trick shot split!

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