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Will an Apple Macbook Pro Stop A Bullet? *SURPRISING RESULTS*

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This video by 22plinkster was created in response to a lot of viewers who have been asking to see if a .22 LR bullet will go through an Apple Macbook Pro. A bureau was nice enough to send him a Macbook to test the theory. According to 22plinkster, a lot of people carry Macbooks in their backpacks and/or use them to work, and you never know when you have to defend yourself using your Macbook, so having this knowledge could very well save a life.

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He tested the theory using a .22 Long Rifle, specifically, a Smith & Wesson M&P .22 Compact with a Coastal silencer and barrel suppressor, loaded with five (5) rounds of CCI Mini-Mag .22LR 40Gr. Copper-Plated Round Nose bullets travelling at 1235 ft/s. He was unsure of how the experiment would turn out, so when only one out of five rounds went through the laptop, he was pretty impressed. He wasn’t expecting a Macbook Pro to be able to withstand the shooting.

Based on the outcome, he deduced that if a gunman came up to you and you only had your Macbook Pro to defend yourself, you have a 4 out 5 or 80% chance that it would stop a .22 long rifle bullet. Those odds of surviving are pretty good, when one thinks about it.

Since 9mm guns are more widely used than long rifles in this context, he decided to try the theory using a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Performance Center Shield. This time, instead of shooting five rounds, he only shot at the Macbook once. He put one round of 147gr Federal HST in the Macbook Pro using the 9mm. He thought the bullet would blow right through it, but when he checked, he was surprised to see that the Macbook Pro stopped the bullet cold. He concluded that the Macbook Pro could come in handy during surprise shootings.

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