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Will an Apple Macbook Pro Stop A Bullet? *SURPRISING RESULTS*

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22plinkster completes yet another trick shot challenge in this video, this time using an Apple Macbook Pro to stop bullets. He says the Macbook Pro is probably the number one most requested thing people ask him to shoot a .22 long rifle at.

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He notes that a lot of people carry Macbooks in their backpacks or have the laptops open on their desks while working. You never know when an intruder might come up to you and point a firearm at you, so he’s going to test to see if a Macbook can actually serve as a defensive weapon of sorts. Before he starts, he issues a prediction challenge to viewers.

He loads CCI mini-mags in a Smith & Wesson M&P .22 with a suppressor and fires five rounds at the Macbook Pro. The shots are shown in close-up, and can be seen hitting and piercing the lid of the Macbook Pro. He lifts the Macbook to show that only one round went through all the way – the others were stopped cold.

So, this means you have a one in five chances of getting hit by a bullet should there be a Macbook Pro handy enough to use as a shield. Or to put a positive spin on it, you have four out of five chances of walking away alive – those are pretty good odds, all things considered.

He opens the Macbook Pro to see what it looks like, and contrary to expectations, it’s not so very badly shattered. The screen had spiderweb fractures where the bullets hit, but otherwise remained whole. The bullet that went through pierced one of the keys.

So will a Macbook Pro save your life? The answer is most likely yes, especially if the gunman is using a .22 long rifle and your reflexes are fast enough to be able to use the Macbook Pro as to protect yourself.


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