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Will a Bullet Set Off a .50 Cal Round?

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FullMag –known for their outrageous stunts – presents another crazy-dangerous firing experiment in this video, this time to find out if a bullet can set off a .50 caliber round.

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Richard says the last two times he’s tried shooting this caliber, the brass disappears once it’s hit. So he picked up a piece of net that will go right behind the round, so he can still see behind his target, and in theory, when he hits the brass, the net will catch it.

The .50 caliber round is set up on a piece of wood, held in place by screws. The net has been stretched out behind it. He fires, and the round is completely thrown backwards along with the piece of wood, off the table. He says every time he’s tried hitting a .50 caliber, the primer has never gone off before. It looks like it went off, he says.

In slow motion, the bullet can be seen leaving the rifle in a blast of fire, and it plows through the .50 cal, igniting it and causing an explosion. Bits and pieces of debris, most likely from the wood, can be seen in the cloud of smoke and flame. A different camera angle shows that the piece of wood did indeed get smashed into pieces when the .50 cal exploded, leaving burn marks, big dents and cracks on the table it was resting on.

Richard looks around for the brass, and can’t find it, meaning the net did not work. He’s excited because this is the first time he was able to make the .50 cal go boom – he’s shot it with arrows, with 22 rounds and has never been able to get these results before. He says he just might have to use more net next time, because the explosion caused the net to simply fling back. At the end, he jokes that he refers to his viewers as the “Wolf Pack.”

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