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Here is a short list of Frequently Asked Questions

What is TacticalClips?

TacticalClips is content based website that publishes everything military related, reviews and other similar videos of weapons from around the web. Our goal is to aggregate in one central site the most interesting and relevant content related to weapons, military and similar topics.

How can I submit content to TacticalClips?

TacticalClips is an open source web publishing service for military related videos. This means that any user can submit content for publishing on the website. To submit any content for publishing, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to to Submit Page
  2. Enter a Title and Description of the content
  3. Then simply upload the file, give the URL or the source code so that we can reference the original source on the web.
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code and simply hit submit

We have made submitting content really easy for everyone and you don’t have to provide any personal information!

Is my information safe?

We, at TacticalClips, are very serious when it comes to the privacy and private information of our users and subscribers. We have adopted a strict Privacy Policy that provides complete information about how we handle and use your personal information.

However, we may make changes to our Privacy Policy at anytime.  While we may try to be proactive and provide notice of such changes to you, you should review the policy page on a regular basis so that you can be aware of changes.

The Privacy Policy applies to anyone who willingly uses this site.

Can I join and surf TacticalClips if I’m under 13?

Our Terms of Use simply states that anyone who is under the age of 13 is treated as a minor and should not surf through or view the content on TacticalClips. TacticalClips will not be responsible for the act(s) of such users even if the user has accidentally or deliberately provided incorrect age information in order to access our website.  For more information on this, please refer to our Terms of Use.

What is the cost of a subscription?

TacticalClips is a completely free service and there is no subscription fee or any charges levied. We are currently attempting to cover our expenses using advertising and other premium information services.

Why do I need to submit my name and email address for contacting you?

The only personal information we may ask from you in case you get in touch with us through our Contact Us from is the name and email. This is required in order to get back to you and revert or reply to your queries. Our Privacy Policy provides more information about how we handle and use personal information.

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