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10 Insane weapons of ALL TIME

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Here are 10 of the coolest and most unusual guns of all time, according to the guys at Mad Lab.

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The first is a DIY Gatling gun, made of six SKS Soviet-style rifles attached to a cylinder with a handle. Press the trigger once and this monster makes six holes right off in its target. Crank the handle multiple times and this can do plenty of damage in seconds. It is actually legal to own this, but the creator, who remain anonymous, sold this for $3500.

Second is a spy item — a one-shot weapon designed to look like a lipstick, this holds one bullet and was employed by KGB agents back then. This was also called the “Kiss of Death.”

The Duck Foot rested on the principle that one barrel is good, and four is better! It received such a weird name due to the unique arrangement of its four barrels, which are all pointing in different directions, like a duck foot. The barrels are angled away from each other, so the danger area increases significantly.

Next on the list is the monstrous weapon that resembles a naval cannon: the Punt Gun, a truly unique weapon that was, oddly enough, invented for duck hunting. Its striking size made it difficult to carry around, but one hunter did manage to shoot 90 ducks with it.

There’s the record holder of the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest revolver in the world! Built by a Polish engineer, Ryszard Tobys, this is an exact enlarged copy of the legendary revolver by Remington.

On the other hand is the smallest gun in the world, the Kolibri. Created over a hundred years ago, only 1,000 copies of this tiny weapon were issued between 1910-1920. It was a little longer than 4 cm, the bullet featured a 2.7 caliber, weighed 0.2 gr, and had an initial speed of 150 meters per second. Its magazine contained five cartridges and was to be inserted into the handle; it fit perfectly in the tiniest of palms.

Next on the list is the Glock with a hellish magazine that holds 100 cartridges or 200 shots in five seconds. The radial design of the magazine separates it into two parts, each containing 50 cartridges, making the normal Glock a thousand times deadlier than usual.

The 950 JDJ in 24.1 mm is another monster. This is the caliber that the three unique American limited-edition rifles feature. Depending on the design, its weight is from 39 to 50 kg. The shells cost $40 a piece, and the gun has crazy recoil — as expected for the size.

The chopstick gun was only invented in the middle of the 20th century, but long before that another curious self-defense weapon had been invented. It’s a ring-shaped gun created in England in the Victorian era. The ring is actually a six-chambered mini revolver. Despite the small caliber of the bullet, it would be enough to shoot at an unprotected part of the body to inflict mortal damage.

Arguably the most famous strange gun is the Apache Nagant, designed as a knuckle-duster. It was invented by a great French engineer Louis Dolone in 1869. Designed as a usual knuckle duster, the gun was a dangerous weapon in the hands of assassins. Aside from the charge cylinder, the knuckle duster contained a 3-cm knife. This devilish combination of compactness, steel arms and firearms interested assassins who applied Apache Nagant for covert and imperceptible murder.

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