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100 Rounds Per Minute with the Beretta 92

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The video from NicTaylor00 features rapid-fire shooting –100 per rounds per minute using a Beretta 92. The shooter is shown loading at least 20 magazines with bullets. There are so many, he actually gets a blister on his thumb.

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The shooter then fires at a distance of 25 meters, successively hitting steel targets and reloading as he goes. He does some hand exercises in between. He repeats the performance left-handed at the same distance, this time slower. He remarks that the gun is getting hot. At the end of it, he says his wrist is killing him and his gun is turning white from the heat.

The Beretta 92 is a series of semi-automatic pistols made by Beretta of Italy. An extremely popular handgun, the model 92 was crafted in 1972 and is now produced in many variants, with different calibers available. Beretta currently makes the gun in four configurations: FS, G, D and DS. There are four calibers: 9×19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, 9×21mm IMI and 7.65mm Luger.

When the first Beretta 92 pistols came out, they ran production for seven years. Around 7,000 units of the “step slide” design and 52,000 units of the “straight slide” design were sold. Its open-slide design makes for smooth feeding and ejecting of cartridges, and the hard-chromed barrel bore protects the gun from corrosion. Its falling locking block design gives excellent accuracy and operability using suppressors, and the magazine release button can easily be reversed for left-handed users.

Modern Beretta 92 models have polymer and polymer-coated parts, making them lighter. Thousands of Beretta 92 variants are used around the world by militaries such as the Italian Armed Forces, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment, the US Armed Forces and almost all countries in Southeast Asia. The guns are likewise employed by law enforcement, and also private armies. Known to be a reliable weapon, the Beretta 92 handgun tends to be a general favorite among civilian and sport shooters.

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