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20mm Anti Tank Rifle… Handheld Minigun…

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This video is a highlight reel in commemoration of the FullMag YouTube channel hitting more than two million subscribers. The video shows a compilation of so many exciting clips from various videos the channel has published over the years.

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All Your Tactical Supplies at wholesale+15%

Ammunition at just above wholesale!

Richard Ryan is the man behind FullMag. He makes blowing things up look like a blast. His subscribers watch him recreate action-adventure movie scenes, do incredibly cool stunts, and snipe the latest technology available using AR-15s and AK-47s. And he has been doing all of this since 2007.

He used to post firearm and explosives videos to his RatedRR channel. However, since partnering with Discovery Digital Networks, he has developed several signature series, including Tech Assassin and The Breakdown, and then rebranded his channel as FullMag.

Ryan has then found his niche with FullMag and has been successful in basically pioneering a whole genre that he is passionate about. This professional gun safety instructor has always been ardent about firearms, but he still knows enough to stress the importance of gun security.

According to Ryan, the reason he got started on YouTube was due to his frustration with the traditional approach to the entertainment industry he came from and is still part of. He used to be a standup comedian for the better part of ten years. He would go out on auditions for TV or films, but found that he had to wait for permission to do what he wanted to do. As a creative person, this frustrated him.

Eventually, he got cast in a YouTube sketch comedy group called Totally Sketch. From there, he went his own way and chose to take the action-adventure route with his YouTube channel. He did everything from firearms to explosives to wing suiting. He went from a 60/40 female demographic to a 94 percent male demographic and continued to roll with it.

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