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20mm APDS vs Body Armor

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This video from FullMag pits the 20mm APDS against AR500 full body armor. Made by Alliant Technosystems Inc., the ammunition is an MK149-4 Phalanx that is a tungsten subcaliber projectile with excellent anti-ship missile and anti-armor capabilities, as well as a short flight time to a target. The AR500 body armor, on the other hand, provides industry-leading protection against “penetrator” rounds including nearly all military and NATO calibers up to the threat level posed by the 20mm APDS.

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Richard Ryan is then shown driving out to the desert, where his 20mm rifle is set up on the ground. The body armor is propped up against a milk jug. The shot is fired, and an extremely slow motion version of the clips is shown – the round leaves the muzzle, goes straight through the body armor, piercing it and leaving a giant hole in it, through the milk jug behind, which it shatters as liquid explodes out. The body armor flies off as the milk jug explodes. Pink and blue sparkles are seen glittering all over the explosion site, part of which would be the tungsten and partly from the body armor material.

Upon closer inspection, the body armor doesn’t just have a gaping hole, it has cracked and dented in several places, so it’s pretty clear that anyone who would have this body armor on when hit by the same kind of powerful cartridge would be killed right away.

FullMag is known for its crazy experiments. They shoot everything and anything that comes to mind, some of which are ordinary everyday things like mouse traps or gummy bears, while some are more serious, like a limousine window or in this case, the body armor. They also take suggestions on what to shoot from fans who watch their videos and leave their suggestions in the comments section.

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