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3800-yard Long Range Shot by HCR Team

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The video is a crazy 3800-yard Long Range Shot by Jim Spinella and the team at Hill Country Rifles, who continue to push the limits of long-range shooting.

Getting a 3,600-yard (around 2.04 miles) shot wasn’t enough — they’ve chosen to push it to 3,800 yards (approximately 2.16 miles). In the video, you can see a shooter from Hill Country Rifles pull off that 3,800-yard shot on a three-foot steel gong at FTW Ranch with a Hill Country Rifle Extreme Long Range Carry Weight 375 CheyTac. It takes some genuine expertise and gear to have the capacity to make a shot like this. To place things in context, the flight time for this shot was more than 7.4 seconds, and set a new record at the time.

The video shows the HCR guys driving up to the FTW Ranch, and a review of their 3,600 shot. Why try a shot like this? Because they can, is the answer.

All the right elements need to come together to make a shot like this happen, including the precision rifle, consistent ammunition, the right location, expert wind calls and a highly accurate shooter.

The CheyTac has a stiller precision action, a Benchmark Match 27-inch fluted barrel and Benchmark Miller brake, McMillan A3/5 adjustable stock, custom bottom metal, 2-pound Jewell trigger, and a custom magazine.

A normal rifle shoots one or two inches high at a hundred yards, but this rifle shoots 13 feet high at a hundred yards, thanks to a 200 MOA base. This enables the shooter to hold center cross-hair on target, after adjusting the Nightforce Beast scope.

On the day of the shoot, there was 50% humidity, hazy conditions, winds gusting upwards of 17 mph. The first shot missed by four feet to the right, but by the second shot, the target is seen swinging. The first 14 shots held close to two minutes of angle, and it’s now a matter of math, man and Mother Nature.

The bullet finally hits at shot 18, exactly one inch right of dead center, proving that the distance is not improbable.

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