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The 40mm Machine Gun!!!

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This video from FPSRussia features the 40mm machine gun – the most powerful machine gun in the world. The guy in the video is seated on the machine gun on a field, showing just how large it is. He shows the ammunition it fires, giving an idea of just how much firepower it is capable of – a 4-pound projectile at 2800 feet per second.

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The gun is a legal, civilian full auto artillery piece with a full set of factory tooling, and a full set of reloading tools and components. It is in in 1938 manufacture red, with a 1960s joystick factory upgrade, and has a pre-68 amnesty registered breach ring. It is the largest machine gun a civilian can own.

He says what he really likes about the gun is that you can either operate it manually, or there’s a switch that allows for automatic operation. He demonstrates how it works, and spins around on the machine gun, which aims on its own.

What it is, he says, is basically the world’s most powerful video game, complete with controls. He now shoots at targets located across a lake – quite far away. He begins by firing manually then goes fully automatic. The machine gun fires in succession. He then aims at a mannequin, which unsurprisingly gets blasted to pieces – there’s nothing left of it but debris.

These kinds of machine guns were widely used as anti-aircraft systems in World War II, though a small number of them still remain in active service today. The old models ae not suitable for modern warfare, especially with the advancements in aircraft technology, so manufacturers came up with redesigned machine guns to address this.

Currently, the most high-profile maker of 40mm machine guns is AB Bofors, known for the Bofors 40mm gun. Their modern 40mm machine guns are referred to simply as “the Bofors,” and are used as multi-purpose weapons for light armored vehicles.


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