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The 4210 Yard Shot

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The video shows a group of friends who got together to conduct a shooting experiment from a long range. They describe their relationships as being borne from support regarding a love of guns and a focus in providing great customer support coupled with good gun building.

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Known as Hill Country Rifles, the group shows a summary that was cut from several scenes from their long range shooting experiments. The primary focus here though is the group’s attempts to fire shots from 4,210 yards, and the challenges they faced in doing so.

Jim Spinella hit a 36-inch plate at 3,600 and 3,800 yards and hit a 36-inch plat at 4,210 yards. The mounts used were custom-made, to avoid running out of scope adjustment. A 230 minute of angle (MOA) rail was created for a 20 MOA Nightforce Unimount totaling 250 MOA.

The Nightforce Beast scope also added 34.9 MILS of additional come-up, which was very important for the length of distance. The amount of cant in the mounts gave a point of impact at 100 yards of 16 feet, 8 inches high.

The group checked the weather forecast prior to the 4,210-yard challenge. The weather predictions were sunny skies and high temperatures, and conditions looked favorable the few days leading up to the test, making it perfect shooting conditions. However, a major cold front happened, dropping temperatures and raising wind speeds.

The team pushed through with the challenge, with wind speeds of 2-6 mph. the 3800-yard test went well, with the first shot hitting close to the target. After 17 shots, the 4,210-yard target was finally hit. Since their equipment could only calculate ballistics up to 4,000 yards, the final challenge proved more difficult, but enough support and changes in weather conditions finally allowed the group to successfully make the shot. The last two magazines fired produced consistent results at the very far distance and the targets were it using calculated adjustments and judgment calls.

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