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50 State Legal AR’s from Dark Storm Industries: SHOT Show 2017

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In this episode, The Late Boy Scout talks to Peter from Dark Storm Industries at the SHOT Show 2017. It’s the company’s third year in attendance and they’re proud to showcase the options they’ve come up with for 50 State Legal ARs.

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Peter holds up one of their fixed magazine weapons, which they have patented. There’s no release for the magazine. The firearm is loaded when you pull it back in and rotate it forward. The bullets can be loaded from the top. If there are any problems as far as service, you can get to the magazine as the trigger group is taken out. Hence, it’s non-detachable from a legal standpoint.

They’ve also created one of the weapons in a featureless format and they offer it in a number of different variations, such as the Typhoon. The Typhoon does not have a pistol grip, stock, or anything at the end of the muzzle. In New York, it isn’t allowed. All the parts are still millspec.

Aside from New York and California compliant rifles, they also offer a full line of all the other types of ARs. They have a standard configuration that comes with a 30-round detachable magazine. They have the capability to manufacture lowers in-house. They also offer uppers. Rifles are available in 9mm, 5.56, 300 Blackout. This year, they’re offering a 6.5 Creedmoor as well as .308 in large-format rifles.

They saw the need for state legal options in 2012, so they came out with the fixed mag alternative where you get to keep their features. They have an adjustable stock and pistol grip. If you want another color, you can swap it out. Stuff is interchangeable on the same platform. Dark Storm Industries tries to go above and beyond to deliver a two-way option that’s going to work and is acceptable in different states.

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