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6 reasons your Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle might be fake

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There are many fake Mosin-Nagant sniper rifles out there that are being passed off as the real deal. In this episode of TFB TV, Mike takes a closer look at these counterfeits and gives viewers six telltale signs that they might have one instead of a genuine rifle.

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Mike says he doesn’t really have a problem with the fake ones. They came on the market 15 years ago in the UK at cheap prices, and he says that’s fine, provided that the buyer and seller both understand what they’ve got. What is very annoying are the fake rifles being passed off as real ones for much more money.

First, look at the bayonet. The Russian sniper rifles were not issued with one, so if anyone is passing off a Mosin-Nagant with a matching-numbered bayonet, it’s definitely a fake. Second is the front sight. Russian infantry rifles were zeroed with the bayonet fixed, which was hanging over the barrel. So it put a little weight on the barrel, and there’s a little bit of pressure on the right-hand side when the bullet goes through, pushing the bullet slightly to the left. The front sight compensates for that. The infantry rifle’s sight is shorter than on the sniper rifle, so if the rifle has a short front sight that’s zeroed to the left, it’s a fake.

Third, there’s a cutout on the stock for the scope. If the cutout looks like it’s been freshly made, painted or lacquered over so it has a different color than the rest of the wood, it’s obviously been done recently. Number four is the bolt handle. All the original rifles had bolt handles that were extended and turned down. If there’s any evidence of welding, or there’s a screw there, it’s a fake.

Five, the trigger pull. All of the genuine sniper rifles had the triggers worked over, so they have a much better pull. So if the gun has a really long, really spongy feel to it, it’s either a fake or someone replaced the trigger pull along the way. Last is the sight. The original scopes all have 26.5 mm tubes out front, so anything larger or smaller is an aftermarket part. Anything with coated optics is a red flag, too — though granted, it may be possible that the original scopes on some of the guns were switched out years ago for some reason or another.



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