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AA-12 Automatic Shotgun — Crazy Shooting

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Completely automatic, the AA-12 Automatic Shotgun fires five 12-gauge shotgun shells every second, with great quality and low recoil, meaning an experienced shooter can shoot it Arnie-style with one hand. What’s more, if that hail of hot buckshot isn’t sufficient to make both shooter and target require a change of underpants, consider this: it has been produced in conjunction with the FRAG-12 — an armor-piercing projectile which can pierce up 1/2 inch of armor, and has a range of up to 200 meters (218 yards). This amazing weapon was initially created by Maxwell Atchisson during the Vietnam war in 1972. He later sold the patent to Military Police Systems, Inc, and weapons architect Jerry Baber spent the next 18 years refining the shotgun.

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