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Airgun Sniper – Long Rangers Contest

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22plinkster has an airgun video for viewers, but he says it’s a different kind of video, this time. It’s not a review by any means, but a challenge. Airgun Depot is holding a competition for long-range airgun shooting, to see if anyone can hit a golf ball at a distance of more than 150 yards. They sent him a flyer entitled “The Long Ranger,” so of course he had to take on the challenge.

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He used his FX Streamline, and the targets are fake golf balls that are filled with powder so that when you shoot them, a big cloud puffs up so you can tell if you’ve hit it. He says it’s not as easy as it seems. He’s not an airgun user, he’s a rimfire guy, and he’s just really starting to get into airguns, so he presents the footage of his attempts at the challenge.

The first footage shows hims trying to hit the target from 151 yards, and it’s set in the woods. The airgun is set on a porch rail, so he says he’s not getting a good rest, and he’ll be trying to hold it steady as he sets his aim on the scope. The distance is quite far — it’s so difficult to see the golf ball, even for a viewer. His first few shots are close, making the golf ball swing on its suspension.

He keeps trying, with off-screen instructions from a spotter, and the motion of the golf ball isn’t helping any. He keeps firing and missing, and is told he’s pulling a bit to the left. This is one of the very few times we see 22plinkster not hitting a target right on, as he’s usually a very accurate shooter, and he’s clearly frustrated. He finally hits the golf ball, and there’s a stream of powder shooting out to show that the shot was successful.

He then sends instructions to others who want to try the challenge to upload their own footage so that Airgun Depot can put it on their website.


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