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AK47 vs HK 416 vs HK G3

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The video shows clips of people firing various guns and measuring reload times, with two rounds fired each time. The first is the H&K G3, followed by the H&K MR223, then the M70 AB2. Tactical reload times for all three are recorded: 5:38 for the G3, 5:23 for the MR223 and 4:51 for the M70.

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Emergency or fast reload times were measured as well: 4:83 for the G3, 3:33 for the MR223 and 3:58 for the M70. Next came transitions, the MR223 to a Kimber Desert Warrior at 2:99 and the M70 to a Beretta 92 at 2:63.

About The Heckler & Koch G3

The Heckler & Koch G3 is a NATO battle rifle in 7.62x51mm developed in the ‘50s. Its origins can be traced back to the end of World War II. The rifle is a selective-fire automatic that uses a roller-delayed blowback system, with a two-piece bolt assembly containing a breech and bolt carrier. It is hammer-fired, with a 3-position trigger mechanism that is also the manual safety. It can be fitted with an optional 4-position safety/fire selector group. The G3 is a modular weapon system that can easily be changed into different configurations.

About The H&K MR223

The H&K MR223 is a .223 Remington-caliber, short-stroke gas-system rifle developed for military uses. It features an adjustable buttstock, free-floating barrel, and technology that makes it accurate, reliable and easy to handle. This semiautomatic is the civilian version of the HK416, to which it is very similar, specs and design-wise. While the gun is modular, portions of it are not interchangeable to make it impossible to convert into a military weapon. It is marketed in the US as the HK MR556.

About The M70 AB2

The M70 AB2 is the Zastava M70, an assault rifle developed and produced in Serbia, based on modified AK-47 and AKM assault rifles. The M70 became the Yugoslav People’s Army’s standard issue weapon in the 1970s. Air-cooled, magazine-fed and selective fire, this rifle is also marketed as a modern sporting rifle in the USA, with some modifications.

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