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Did Annie Oakley Really Pull This Shot Off?

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22plinkster begins this episode by talking a bit about how he started on YouTube six years ago doing videos of trick shots, many of which involved shooting and splitting playing cards. He’s done hundreds of trick shots, and it’s become what he’s known for.

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This time, a viewer sent him a request to see if he can pull off the shot that Annie Oakley supposedly made ages ago. Annie Oakley, was, of course, a renowned American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. She started shooting when she was 15 years old, when she famously won a shooting match against a fellow marksman named Frank E. Butler. She eventually married him, and they joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show a few years later. During her lifetime, Oakley became an international star, performing her shooting talents before royalty and heads of state.

Oakley split a playing card with a lever-action rifle, and as a piece of playing card was flying through the air, she hit it again and put a hole through it. This would have taken split-seconds to complete, and is a near-impossible shot. In fact, no one knows if Oakley’s shot was just a story or if it really happened.

22plinkster says this is, by far, the hardest card-split shot he’ll ever attempt to pull off. He’ll be using his Henry Frontier, similar to what Oakley used. Henry announced that they have produced over a million Frontiers, which is why he’s using this gun.

He has the eight of spades and tells viewers to take a good look at the card to make sure there are no marks, and says that he believes Annie Oakley did make that shot, and that he’s no Annie Oakley, just a guy from Tennessee, but he’ll try his best. He aims, fires and to his own disbelief, he actually makes the shot.

22plinkster brings the camera down to the card to show viewers, and there’s the split half of the card on the ground with a bullet hole in it, sure enough. He takes the split card and brings it over to the other half to match it up, saying he really can’t believe he pulled it off.

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