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AR500 Armor vs M240 Bravo

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This video from Iraqveteran8888 is an experiment to see if an M240 Bravo can go through AR500 Armor Level 3 plate in what Eric describes as a “torture test.” This is a really tough armor plate with Anti-Spall coating that does a great job of protecting wearers.

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He’s going to get a belt into the M240 and he shoots the armor, which drops right as the shooting starts. The Anti-Spall coating was ripped off the plate, which Eric says he expected. He says what we can determine is that if you’re wearing this armor, you can probably get shot more times in the body armor than your actual carrier. The firing is shown in slow motion, and the coating can clearly be seen getting ripped off the armor plate as the bullets hit.

The M240, officially called Machine Gun, is a general-purpose machine gun that is the US military designation for the FN MAG. It’s a belt-fed, gas-operated gun that fires 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges. This has been used by the US military since the late 1970s, and is still used by infantry, as well as ground vehicles, water vessels and aircrafts. Despite its weight, it is highly regarded because of its accuracy and reliability. The Bravo is usually fired from a bipod, a vehicular mount, an M192 tripod by the Army or an M122 tripod by the Marines.

Eric picks up the plate and says it held together for the first five or six hits, which was pretty impressive. The armor plate shows several dents, showing how powerful the M240 Bravo was. He says the point of these videos are more for fun than to scare people, but you can pretty much see what happens if you get on the wrong end of the gun. He tells viewers to keep on sending their suggestions in, and to watch out for other firing demonstrations they’ll be doing next.


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