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How to Avoid a Painful SCOPE BITE! – (The Rifle Scope Hitting You in the Face)

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Shooters may encounter mishaps, such as scope bites, when handling a gun. A scope bite or “scoping yourself” is when the scope suddenly hits the forehead or the eye when shooting. It can be embarrassing, painful, and even bloody. In this video, Kirsten Joy Weiss provides some ticks and techniques to avoid it.

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Scope bites are more common that people would like to admit. The main reason why scope bites happen is that the person is simply too close to the scope or doesn’t have the rifle seated on the shoulder properly. As for seating the rifle properly on the shoulder, all that needs to be done is to put the butt of the rifle in the pocket right between the chest and the shoulder. Then, pull the gun back a little and lean a bit into it.

When shooting in the prone positions and the ground is slightly downhill, at game or a target that is a bit uphill just above you, it results in an angle between the shooter and the shooting rifle. This means that it will get the rifle scope ocular much closer to the eye, so even with proper seating, you might still get a painful bloody thumping on your eyebrows.

Proper seating allows the gun to recoil in a natural way without the scope hitting the face. This also allows quite a bit of eye relief on the gun. Eye relief is simply the space between the scope and the eye. Aside from proper seating, make sure you have enough eye relief because if you’re too close to the optic, the gun will recoil into your face and will result in a bruise. Invest in a reasonably-priced scope with adequate eye relief, especially if you will be putting it on a rifle chambered in a high powered round.

Keeping in mind Kirsten’s tips, it’s quite simple to avoid a scope bite.

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