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The Body Shield, Does it Work???

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The Hardcore Defense Alpha Shield is certified NIJ Level IIIA, which means it can stop up to a .44 Magnum — pretty impressive for a shield. It has a padded handle as well as a cut for your gun and an elbow pad for comfort. It’s made out of metal, not steel like most shields and body armor, so it’s harder but with the same ductility. It’s just as brittle as steel shields, but it can be made thinner.

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When most people think of armor, what comes to mind is the traditional body armor vest. There are various pros and cons for both body armor and shield. One huge pro of the shield is that it covers more surface area, whereas the body armor only covers major parts of your torso. The Alpha Shield protects everything from the collarbone to the mid-hip. You can duck behind it to cover your head as well or squat down to cover most of your body and your legs.

An advantage of worn body armor is that you don’t have to think about it because it’s just there. All you have to do is properly wear it and you can move about as you want. However, you can also do this with the shield, plus use the shield itself as a weapon in case of emergency. The shield is movable, so you can position it however needed and you can drop it at anytime.

Matt tested the Alpha Shield with the following guns and ammo: Survival .22 AR-7 rifle, 9mm out of a CZ Scorpion, .45 ACP, 5.7x28mm in an FN Five-Seven, .22 Hornet in the Taurus Raging Hornet, .44 Magnum, .50 Cal Desert Eagle, .500 S&W Magnum, and .45-70 Government Henry. The Alpha Shield held up better than it’s rated to hold up to and the conclusion is that as long as no one comes at you with a .45-70 loaded with extreme penetrators, you should be fine.

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