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Matt introduces the video from rainy Texas, where he’s enclosed in a tent on his ranch. He’s been playing “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land” and it got him thinking, what if there are zombies coming? Now this is Matt’s ultimate “don’t tell my wife” moment, because ordinarily, he can come up with some harebrained excuse for why a new gun purchase is necessary. This time, however, it’s going to be a bit more difficult convincing Meredith….because he bought a cannon.

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It’s a small cannon on a spring system, and Matt calls it a golf-call cannon, because the bore is just the right size to load a golf ball. He said he saw this, and thought, “What if a zombie apocalypse was coming and all I had to defend myself was this tiny cannon and some golf balls? Would it suffice?”

He has a fuse to light the cannon, which he tests to see how fast it would burn. He explains how he’s going to load the cannon, and proceeds to pour black powder into the barrel then tamps the powder down. Matt points out that in the game, there are multiple targets that need more powerful weapons, hence he has the dummy Lt. Dan set up alongside several more targets.

Matt’s first test is meant to just see if the cannon can hit the targets. He lights the fuse, ducks for cover and the cannon fires in a puff of smoke, with the golf ball hitting one of the targets before flying past his truck. Now that it’s sure the cannon can hit a target, the next question is whether it can take down a target.  He’s stacked some pumpkins as targets, and the third cannon shot punches a large hole right through one of the pumpkins.

To answer whether harder materials would stop cannon fire, Matt puts a coconut and a watermelon as targets. The golf balls smash both pieces of fruit, so he resorts to cinder blocks. The cannon also shatters the cinder blocks into bits and pieces, proving that they’re not so tough after all.

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