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Brake Rotors vs the 50cal…

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Matt (who begins the video by singing “Greatest Love Story” to his gun), brings out some brake rotors for this episode of Demolition Ranch. The question is, will these huge, thick pieces of metal stop a bullet? He’s got truck rotors lined up in a row to test.

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To make things more interesting, he sprays the rotors with brake cleaner, to see whether they’ll light on fire when hit by bullets. Up first is a .22LR out of a Ruger, and he fires a few shots. The bullets merely dinged the first rotor. He goes straight to .45ACP, skipping 9mm and .40mm, which makes a shallow dent in the first rotor and no more. He then moves to a .22 Hornet, which is not a big bullet, but it’s really fast, fired out of the long-barreled Raging Hornet. While it did not go through, it did cut deeper than the previous rounds, showing that speed makes a difference.

Matt moves to the .44 Magnum, since the pistol rounds weren’t doing anything. It made a dent on the first rotor, so it’s safe to say that anyone shooting with a pistol won’t get through a brake rotor. He goes to the rifles, starting with an AR-15 shooting a .556. The rounds went through the inside rims, which are thinner. When he tried again, aiming for the thicker outer rim, the round made a considerable dent but did not go through to the second plate.

Then it’s the Armalite AR-30A1, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum — some powerful stuff. The first shot hit the edge of one rotor and chipped off a big chunk, and the second went through one rotor but stopped at the second, merely throwing some dust at it. Of course, Matt brings out the 50BMG, which went through two rotors before stopping at the third. The first rotor had a huge, neat hole in it.

Nothing lit on fire though, so Matt sprays starter fluid on the rotors. Then he fires armor-piercing incendiary rounds, which make puffs of smoke. In slow motion, the rounds did throw sparks off the rotors, but no fire. So he goes and does the only logical thing — he lights them himself.

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