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Browning M2 50 Cal and Browning ANM2 30 Cal Machine Guns

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The video introduces two M2 Brownings: the M2 50 Cal and the ANM2 30 Cal Machine Guns, saying that a review of both will be coming up soon.

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The M2 machine gun was designed before World War II by John Browning. Similar to the M1919 Browning, the M2 is much more powerful with its .50 BMG cartridges. The M2 machine guns have been nicknamed “Ma Deuce” by soldiers, and this heavy American gun has been used in so many wars, particularly World War II where it made a name for itself. The M2 also saw considerable action during the Vietnam War, Cambodian Civil War, the Iran-Iraq War, War in Afghanistan, Syrian Civil War, to name a few.

Highly effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles, M2 machine guns have been produced longer than any other type of machine guns, and have also been used as weapons for aircraft and navy vessels. It has also been used as anti-aircraft guns from the ground, have been mounted on tanks and even used as flexible remote-controlled armament subsystems on US Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard helicopters.

The basic M2 was initially deployed in US service in a number of variations, depending on the US Army system. The most basic is the M2 50 Cal which is the “infantry model.” It was either “flexible,” for defensive uses or “fixed” for offensive uses in combat.

The ANM2, on the other hand, is a version of the M2 that was developed jointly for use by both the Army and Navy, hence AN. The ANM2 could fir 750-850 rounds per minute, and could be fired from an electrically operated, remote-mounted trigger when installed as a fixed gun. It was lighter than the basic M2 which increased the number of rounds it could shoot and were used by aircraft bombers.

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