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Building the 1911

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The video from Vickers Tactical is a behind the scenes look at Larry’s gunsmith classes, particularly in building a 1911.

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Larry says that he’s been conducting these 1911 gun classes for a while now, and has completed several batches. He is the only one, as far as he knows, who takes his gun building classes on the road, instead of being constrained to just one location.

The classes basically take a box of parts and by the end of the week, the students will have built their own 1911 handguns. Larry says they use high-quality products only to ensure the best gun, and everything is hand-fitted. The students get to test the guns at the end of the class, and if there are any problems, they can go back to Larry so that they can check together what went wrong with the build.

Larry’s students are all enthusiastic gun owners, most of them in middle age. According to one, it’s both a passion and an occupation to be making his own guns. Other students mention that they like 1911 guns, and wanted to see what it was like to build their own, while another said he was looking into making his own gunsmith shop. Others had seen Larry in articles and were suitably impressed by his knowledge and style, and all of them remarked that there is always something new to learn, no matter how much they think they already know about 1911s.

Larry says the first big three things he begins with in a class is the slide to frame fit, which sets the stage for the barrel fit – the most important thing in building a 1911, as the barrel serves as the engine and transmission of a gun and is responsible for accuracy and reliability. Rounding out the big three is the beaver tail fit, which plays an important role in performance and overall finished look.

The video also demonstrates Larry’s teaching techniques, plus more tips on how to properly build a 1911. He is also seen coaching his students on their builds, making suggestions and corrections. At the end, the students are seen firing at a range to test their new guns.

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