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Calico Field Strip (100 Round 9mm Magazine!)

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In this episode of TFB TV, Alex talks about the Calico, a relic of the 1980s that, he says, probably should have died in the 80s. The 9mm gun (i.e. carbine, pistol, rifle) has a high-capacity, cylindrical, helical-feed magazine and retractable stock with roller delayed blowback like an MP-5. The rear sight is mounted as part of the plastic magazine shell.

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Everything starts with the pin, similar to an Heckler & Koch pushpin, located towards the front of the lower receiver. Push it out and make sure you don’t lose it. It allows the shooter to slide the forend to expose the barrel, charging handle, and spring.

The lower grip is striker fired unlike an MP-5. Pulling it off allows a look at the mechanism that would normally release the striker. Pulling out the bolt and carrier is also fairly easy.

Calico holds up to 100 rounds (50 if you’re a low capacity shooter) and is a bit notorious for not running too well and being unreliable. You have to wind the big one 23 times and you have to wind the small one 10 times. To release the magazine, just press the tabs on each side. It’s quite heavy and cumbersome, so it could be very uncomfortable to carry around at full load. However, even a fully loaded 9mm with 100 round capacity is lighter than the UZI or MP-5.

Alex has never gotten through an entire magazine without some sort of malfunction, but he admits that underneath the magazine is still a pretty interesting gun. Experts say that the helical magazine tends to get worn out, so a solution could be to get a helical magazine spring and pop it in there.

Overall, field stripping is easy and relatively intuitive. You could get a scope mount put on for better user experience, but it’s a decent gun and not as bad as a lot of viewers may think.

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