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Canada Guns Laws… Not What I Expected

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Matt is in Canada with Furious Pete, and in this episode, he’s going to show how different Canada is from America when it comes to guns and gun laws. They’re at a gun range, and Pete has never shot a gun in Canada — just toys. This is both their first times to shoot guns in Canada, and the only place you can practice shooting is at a gun range. From what Matt understands, even if you have land, you can’t just go and start shooting around on it with restricted firearms. There are non-restricted and restricted guns, and AR-15s are restricted.

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There is  table full of guns and they start going through them, explaining which ones are restricted and which are not. There was a bill that came out restricting specific kinds and names of guns. There is some explanation as to the classifications of weapons in Canada, too. There is a classification called “prohibited,” which they explain. Guns which aren’t produced anymore basically become worthless in Canada, which Matt says is the opposite in the USA, as the same guns become more valuable. There are provisions on inheriting firearms, as well.

Pete points out that the reason Americans think they can’t shoot in Canada is because the rules are very confusing. Coming from the outside point of view, if he were Canadian or a resident, he wouldn’t even bother learning to shoot because he’d be so intimidated, scared or just plain baffled by gun laws.

Also, all semi-automatic rifles have a maximum of five rounds — the magazines have a pin in them to limit the bullets you can put in. It’s also possible to make shorter barrels on restricted firearms, which is not true for the US. Matt tries shooting a single-shot 12-gauge with a really short barrel. The recoil is really strong. There’s a dueling tree with two sides, which he’s never shown on his channel — every time you hit a target, it flips to the other side. The goal is to get all the plates on the other side. Matt wins that one.



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