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Colt Double Action 1911 Handgun the Double Eagle

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The Military Arms Channel presents the Colt Double Action 1911 handgun called the Double Eagle. In the caption, he says that Colt has a history of making weapons that look like afterthoughts, as is evidenced by this particular pistol. Colt, however, made its name in manufacturing 1911 pistols, though they did not design them.

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The Double Eagle was produced for around eight years, staggering in sales until it was finally pulled in 1997. He notes it appears to have been a rushed response to the double action craze that befell the late 1980s and early 1990s.

He shows his own 1911. He has replaced the grips on his 1911 pistol, but it remains a beautiful, classic gun. Most people would agree that when it comes to ergonomics, effectivity in shooting, reliability – probably one of the best that John Browning ever designed. The 1911 also served the military for 75 years as its primary sidearm.

Now the Double Eagle, which he calls an abomination, consists of a 1911 slide and a hefty receiver that has a double-action mechanism in it. It has a de-cocking lever – Colt’s attempt to copy other manufacturers.

He explains how the Double Eagle works, and gives a quick background on it. The ergonomics on the gun are not impressive, and it rides high in the hand so it points downward. The gun is also quite thick, and not too many people made aftermarket grips – or other parts – for this gun. It was eventually offered in other calibers.

He loads the gun with standard 1911 cartridges and fires a few rounds. He describes the shooting as awkward, though he admits it has no functional issues. He fires some more and gets a colleague to do the same, and keeps calling it an “ugly, awkward handgun.” He also takes out his standard 1911 and fires, praising its performance and functionality as “one of the best handguns on the planet.”

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