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Competition Guns Put to the Test

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This is a different video than those Matt from Demolition Ranch posts – it’s footage from a three-gun competition he attended for three days, called the Texas 3 Gun Championship. This is his second contest ever, and he says his goal is to be in the top half, at least.

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He gives a quick look at what’s up for the day, and what the competition is comprised of. There are ten stages, four on the first day, four on the second and two on the third. They start with some targets up and down the range, where Matt uses a shotgun, followed by a rifle. He passes the first round.

The second stage is shotgun shooting clay targets and some flying targets. He notes that there are a lot of pros in the competition. Matt picks up a shotgun, fires at the ground targets first before hitting those in the air – he misses three, and he thinks he was a bit slow in firing.

The third stage is rifle, pistol and shotgun, starting on the rooftop. Then they run down to finish off the rest of the targets. He says he’ll go steady and go slow, and hopes it works. He missed one on the shotgun, and says he’s not winning, for sure. The next stage comprises white and brown targets set up along with some screens, and shooters are not supposed to hit certain targets. It was so bad, Matt says it was embarrassing.

On day two, there is a stage with 40 targets for pistol shooting. He’s disappointed that he’s in the bottom half so far. The next stage is a thinking stage, because there are many ways to complete it, multiple targets using all three guns. He did well in that one.

The seventh stage has targets that are farther away, and shooting is done from behind walls. Matt says he did alright with that one. He shows the gear he has for the next round, as there are quite a lot of targets. He says this is how it is to not be a pro shooter, to make up for speed and mistakes. Then there’s a rifle-only stage, shooting from a high platform. He’s been doing well on this day, so far.

The last stage involves a lot of targets, running across the field, and shooting from a vehicle. It went really well, and he finished 129th out of 236 people – he just barely missed the top half, but he says he learned a lot and he’s going to do better next time.

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