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Concealed Carry: LCP vs. LC9.

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This is a video comparison from Paul Harrell of the two platforms – the LCP and the LC9 – with regard to bullet expansion, penetration, accuracy, and concealability. He says he recently did a video where he compared different types of concealed carry weapons, and some viewers requested this comparison.

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Before he talks about the guns though, he discusses ammunition. He has a 380 ACP and a 9mm Luger. The bullets are the same diameter and caliber, but the casings are different, the 9mm being slightly longer. The size of the cartridge is quite indicative of power in this scenario, as the 380, which is a bit smaller, is also a little less powerful.

The guns on the table are both Rugers. It’s a common misconception to say that the LC9 is just a bigger version of the LCP. It’s partially true, but the LC9 has a lot of features that the LCP does not. Now, there is a new version of the LCP out that has come of these features. Today, he’ll shoot the two side by side to see if the additional features make any difference on performance.

Paul starts with accuracy. The target on the left will be fired with the LCP and the one on the right with the LC9. Upon inspection, the LCP did pretty well. But the LC9, despite its bigger grip and bigger sights, he personally doesn’t like the grip and trigger pull, and poorer accuracy was the result. He says this may be different for others, however.

The real question is how much difference there will be in effectiveness. He’s set up targets that consist of pork chops and pork ribs wrapped around a bunch of oranges. The pork chops will simulate pectoral muscles, the ribs and the oranges stand for lung tissue. He covers it with two layers of t-shirts and two layers of denim.

He moves to shoot from 7 yards. When the target is inspected, the LCP rounds had gone through the pork chops and some ribs and smashed a few of the oranges. The L9 bullets achieved 100% penetration, and pulverized some of the ribs, as well as chewed up the oranges. The 9mm performed better in this case, and expanded more to do damage.

So the LCP delivers better accuracy, but the LC9 performs better and does more damage. When it comes to magazine capacity, the LC9 has 7 shots and the LCP has 6. Is the one extra shot really an advantage? Paul says the only thing he can say is that there may be some cases where that extra shot can be handy. Lastly, he says the LCP is better when it comes to concealability and carrying efficiency.

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