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Craigslist Body Armor…..Bad Idea???

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Matt went and bought body armor off Craigslist. At least, for experimental purposes only. He’s got two guests with him, The Outlaw and Robert from Lunkers TV. They spent around $350 on a few pieces: some legit steel Level 3 body armor panels, a piece of helicopter armor that is made of ceramic (that may or may not have been in the Vietnam War), and a three-inch thick piece of airplane Plexiglas.

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They start with the body armor plate. Matt’s shot plenty of these on the channel, so they pretty much know how things will turn out and what the plate can withstand, but they go ahead anyway (they mention that being a Craigslist transaction, they really did buy the armor off some sketchy guy in a parking lot). The first gun is Lunkers’ .556. Outlaw fires, makes a solid hit, but nothing comes through. It’s the .762 next, which makes a bit of a dent. Then the 300 Winchester Magnum almost goes through, making a sizable dent.

It’s the helicopter armor next. The 9mm shredded the canvas off the surface, but made not even a scratch on the back. They step it up with a .45 ACP, which makes a hole but does not penetrate. The ceramic can be seen breaking off around the bullet holes. They try the 5.7mm, which makes less damage. Then it’s on to the enormous Shockwave that has an .870, which Matt fires one-handed, almost dropping it. It made a bulge and almost ripped the panels apart, but the armor remained intact. The .556 stopped, but made a mark on the back of the plate, and the .308 did not go through either. But the 300 Winchester Magnum went straight through it.

The Plexiglas is up next, starting with the tiny 5.7. The bullet is smashed and embedded into the glass, like an insect. With the .45 ACP, the bullet bounced off, leaving a shallow groove. The one-ounce slug made a deeper hole, but otherwise the slab of glass remained in full form. The .556 goes into the glass but does not exit completely, leaving a cool-looking comet tail-like shape inside it. The next one goes straight through though, with a small exit hole at the back. The BMG goes through, of course, leaving an interesting pattern inside the glass.

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