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Which Is Your DOMINANT Eye? And How Important Is It? | Pro Shooter Q & A Tips

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Kirsten Joy Weiss discusses eye dominance in this video, saying that what she shows here is the best eye dominance test. She says that finding your dominant eye is important in pro shooting, and is useful in all shooting sports, whether its handguns, rifles, shotguns, archery or even blow guns…shooting with one eye closed or shooting with both eyes open.

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She says she constantly get questions from viewers, so she thought she’d do a question and answer segment. The question today is from Todd in Minnesota he asks, “What is the importance of eye dominance and how do you find it?”

This dominant eye test is simple and will help new shooters and seasoned shooters alike. It’s simple: just make a triangle with your hands, and hold it up to an object in the distance. Look through that triangle and then slowly bring the triangle back to your eye. Whichever you bring your hands to is your dominant eye. Kirsten demonstrated the test by looking directly at the camera.

She says she has a problem however, she is cross-dominant, or her eye dominance transfers from right to left. One day it’s the left, the next it’s the right. If you’re just starting out, you want to figure out which eye is dominant and then build your shooting positions around that, so if your right eye is dominant, you’re right-handed and vice versa.

When you switch eyes, just keep shooting. You can shoot without using your dominant eye, but the catch is that when you’re shooting a pistol or a rifle with both eyes open, it can cause conflicts. But, she advises, either eye will do for precision because when you close one eye, the open one automatically becomes the dominant one.

The important thing though, is to not get too caught up on the issue of eye dominance in shooting, she says, as she relies a lot on instinct too, not just eye dominance.

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