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A Euro gunshow in Luzern, Switzerland

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In this episode of TFB TV, Mike walks the viewers through the annual gun collector’s show in Luzern, Switzerland. In Switzerland, there are two big popular gun shows each year: one in December and one in March.

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Split over two floors, there’s a good range of gun shops represented, as well as a small number of outdoor supply stockers and traditional craftsmen. Also, there’s a fair bit of militaria and some big names that should be familiar to most of the viewers. Since Switzerland has a relatively easygoing firearms licensing, in European terms at least, you could turn up with a permit or two and leave with anything interesting you might find.

There’s a really good range of firearms available, from antiques through to the very modern designs. Personally, Mike is more interested in the vintage firearms even if they’re not for sale. There are quite a lot offering current productions of AR-15s, as well as collector’s pieces, from Switzerland, Germany, the United States, and others.

If you want to tactical up your K31, there’s plenty of opportunity for doing that there. Of course they also have bucketloads of SIG 550s, everybody’s favorite Swiss semiauto rifle, and of course it’s older brother, the Sturmgewehr  57. Mike’s favorite modern product in the show was the Swiss-made AR-15 pistol caliber carbine, which has a very slick ambidextrous magazine release on it.

Mike also gave a shoutout to the gun rights organizations who are working hard to keep this kind of thing possible in the future, particularly because the European Union is currently trying to impose its new rules on Switzerland, which it’s not even a member of.

If you ever happen to be in Switzerland at the end of March for whatever reason, the show is open to the general public so anyone is free to look around.

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