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FAQ # 70 Concealed Carry Insurance

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Hickok45 quickly discusses some points on concealed carry insurance. He notes in the caption that he has no connection with the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network other than being a member. He says he gets questions regularly on what he thinks of the various concealed carry insurance programs.

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He has been looking into them for the last year, and so he has been answering this a lot. He can’t tell viewers what to choose, or what the best is – same as firearms, it all comes down to his preferences. But he did do some research and he got on the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network, where there was a lot of information available, so became a member of the organization. He says it’s best to do research on the topic before deciding on anything.

What is concealed carry insurance, and is it necessary? A quick article on Guns and Ammo goes into more detail, but the gist is that this is to protect those who already legally own firearms, in case they shoot the gun and harm a human being, such as in self-defense cases.

The common scenario is that when a gun is shot in self-defense, the shooter must go to court to prove that legal requirements were met and using force was necessary. Any court case ends up costing a civilian tens of thousands of dollars just to protect his or her freedom, and clear his or her name of any wrongdoing, which can get really ugly, really fast when it comes to firearms.

The expansion of the concealed carry regulations in the USA, insurance providers now offer concealed carry and self-defense insurance policies. These cover a range of situations, mostly concentrated on paying for a person’s fees should he or she have to appear in court regarding a discharged firearm. But it’s best to check on state laws when looking at providers, and check on all options available, to maximize coverage.


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