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Fastest Way To Load A Rifle – Upside Down

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In this tip clip video, Robert from the deermeatfordinner channel, along with his good friend Joey, demonstrate the most efficient way to load a rifle. He starts by saying that he’s been shooting guns his entire life; he has a 7mm rifle. And he says that he’s been loading his rifle from the top and everyone who’s ever tried doing that with heavy gloves on knows how hard it is.

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Rifles usually take five to ten rounds. To load the bullets, push bullets down into the magazine. They should fit with the follower plate. Don’t try to add an extra round in the breech. Just fill the magazine to its capacity. Afterwards, push the bolt forward as far as you can, and then close it.

The other day, Joey showed him something different. He flipped the rifle upside-down, opened it up from the bottom, and dropped four shells in. As shown in the video, loading it from the bottom is fast, easy, and can be done even with heavy gloves on.

It may seem like it should be obvious, but a lot of rifle-users are not aware of this simple maneuver. It’s an old trick so if you know it, then it probably means that you are a pro at shooting or hunting. A lot of hunters definitely know this, which should be common information nowadays as these sort of things go.

Rifles are used in warfare, hunting, and shooting sports. These are all activities that require the user to be able to load the firearm without any sort of hitch. That said, stacking a rifle upside-down may not be for everybody but it sure could come in handy. In the end, it still boils down to personal preference, but it is very important to learn how to load your weapon properly, so as to prevent misfires and accidental overloads.

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