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Federal Hunter Match : 22lr Ammunition Review

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In the video, 22plinkster takes a closer look at the new Federal Premium Hunter Match 22lr ammunition. He has been shooting them for a couple of months to date, and have found that they are very accurate and consistent in performance. They were released earlier this year and Federal sent him some to try.

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22plinskter says he is pleased with this because the ammunition has bridged the gap that has been needed in the rimfire community. He says that he usually shoots high-velocity rounds when hunting small game, which are good, but have their downside. First of all, the accuracy suffers, especially at long distances.

He says 99% of match ammunition is a lead bullet, so Federal loaded a 40-grain lead bullet, put a hollow point in the top, then used a nickel casing and a premium powder to ensure accuracy and reliability. He uses a CZ 452 Ultra Lux, a 10/22 platform, and also a Savage A22 LR.

He’s already tested the ammunition on a handgun, and since it goes at 1200 feet per second, he was pushing around 1550 feet per second on the handgun.

He sets up a target at 50 yards, and loads the bolt gun first with five rounds. He explains that he’ll be shooting around three inches high because it’s sighted for 100 yards, and fires. The first four shots go in the same hole, but a wind comes up and the fifth shot goes a tiny bit higher than the rest. But it’s a half-inch group at 50 yards, which is impressive.

He tries the Ruger 10/22 at the same distance, also with five rounds. He’s also put a suppressor on. The grouping isn’t as tight as the first one, but it’s a half-inch to a three-quarters-inch group, which is very good.

Then he has the new Savage on the table, which he says is quite affordable. He sets up a target at the same 50 yards and fires five rounds. The grouping isn’t as tight as those shot from the other two guns, but it’s a pretty good showing overall, meaning the Savage is quite accurate.

He tries shooting from 100 yards using the CZ just to check, and remarks that there is quite a lot of wind. The rounds make an inch to a inch-and-a-half group, showing that even at long distances, accuracy isn’t a problem.

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