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FMK 9C1 G2 9mm Pistol Full Review

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The video is a full review on the FMK 9C1 G2 9mm pistol. He says that there are a lot of different handguns on the market to suit any kind of budget, and many of them are good, some are not so good.

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The FMK had a Gen1 version was problematic, so they’ll take a look at the Gen2 to see how well it performs and holds up. He says one of the things he noticed about the FMK is that the Bill of Rights is on the side of the gun. The makers are really freedom-minded, and have patriotic slogans on even the plain models.

FYI: FMK is only one of two gun companies making guns in California, of new designs. The other is Ruger.

He unloads the gun and goes through it. It comes with two magazines with a polymer base pad, they are 14 in 1 or 10 in 1. The gun comes in two configurations: the single-action and double-action. It has a polymer frame, the grip is ergonomic and has a rubberized shock absorber to reduce recoil. The front has serrations for a decent grip.

The slide is high-carbon steel and is very smooth, almost like silk. The serrations on the slide seem shallow, but he hasn’t had problems sliding it back. The sights are very Glock-looking, and they are compatible with Glock sights. The takedown levers are a bit more subdued, and everything is subtle and simple.

It has a drop-free, steel magazine. The mag release is a bit large but does not protrude, and is not ambidextrous. Trigger pull is a fast-action trigger (FAT). There’s a loaded chamber indicator at the back, but the extractor is quite long. It’s a compact pistol, and is really quite similar to the Glock 19. He does a quick comparison of the two.

He takes the FMK out for a few practice rounds, and says that it is a pleasure to shoot, and the backstrap reduces recoil. No malfunctions, but they did have an issue with the magazine not holding back. He demonstrates assembly and disassembly of the gun, which is quite simple. He concludes the video by saying that he personally did not run into any problems with the FMK, compared to other reviews and is definitely a bastion of liberty and good weaponry.

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