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FN M240 Bravo / AKA “A Watermelon Removal Device”

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The video starts off with what its creator says is a “watermelon removal device.” It turns out to be the M240 Bravo – a powerful, intimidating, belt fed, open bolt, gas operated, fully automatic weapon of the modern battlefield

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The M240 machine gun can fire 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge from disintegrating links, and delivers a considerably more energy on targets than its smaller sibling, the M249 in 5.56x45mm NATO. This is a very reliable weapon featuring a quick change, self-spacing barrel system and the ability to be mounted on many different vehicles, aircraft or on a tripod/bipod for a medium range support fire roles, according to the video description.

The shooter says this M240 is an awesome machine gun, so much fun to play with and providing wonderful action. Originally known as FN Mag, this machine gun was designed primarily as a general purpose machine gun for military designations.

The M60 did a good job but did not quite live up to the standards, so the M240 was designed in its stead to perform better. With the M240, a soldier can swap barrels in and out, as the easy interchangeable barrel system makes for quick and easy shooting in combat situations. Its simple gas system makes shooting a no-brainer, plus its solid construction holds up well in dirt, debris and tough environments. The M240 can run with a small crew or even just one person.

He then explains how the open bolt system works on the gun, and how it does all the work for you – just squeeze the trigger and it will continue shooting until you release your finger off the trigger. The shooter decides to engage some steel targets from the prone position at 200 yards. He shoots in short bursts, reloads then shoots again, hitting all the steel targets.

He then shoots some water barrels stacked in a pyramid, making quick work of them in a few seconds. He follows this up with 6 propane bottles with some road flares at a distance, firing at them with the machine gun and causing a fiery explosion, which while he notes is wonderful to behold, he’ll have to put out quickly as well.


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