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The FN SCAR 16s: Is It Worth The Money?

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The video is a quick look at the FN SCAR 16s, and weighs in on whether or not it is worth its hefty price tag. The FN SCAR 16s is the civilian semi-automatic version of the select-fire SCAR 16 rifle. Chambered in 5.56x45mm, it has to compete with AR15 rifles that do the same thing for 1/3rd the cost.

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TFB TV asks, while the SCAR certainly has a few unique features and handles well, is that enough to justify the high MSRP?

It starts by saying everything they say about the SCAR needing a longer charging handle so you don’t scrape your knuckles is absolutely true. He says the guns are hard on red-dot optics, causing the red dots to vanish, and have been known to damage night vision scopes. It’s a good thing then that the factory iron sights are actually quite effective, with a folding front sight and a rear sight. The gas regulator has a setting for suppressed and unsuppressed and the rear sight has two settings, too.

The SCAR also has an adjustable cheek hold, and the stock is adjustable to six positions, and can fold to the side and lock, which is good for carrying, storing and quick movements. The design is well-thought out.

He then goes on to do some test shooting, and observes right off that recoil is harsher than an M4 or an M16, snappier but is comfortable to shoot. It’s handy, and he can see himself using it in competitions, being as it’s overall, a good and enjoyable gun to shoot.

The SCAR shoulder very well, making shots up close and rapid firing and double taps easy. He charged it slowly so as not to make the same mistake. It’s accurate and he had no problem hitting steel. The only problem is the price, as there seems to be no value in its higher price tag for civilian shooters, compared to other, more affordable guns that are similar in design and performance, if not better.

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